Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ben & Nicola's Wedding

A Small Autumn Wedding in Beaminster

For Dave and I an Autumn wedding in the heart of the countryside is one of the reasons why we love our job and Ben & Nicolas big day was no exception.

A small gathering of close friends and family got together at the beautiful Bridge House Hotel http://www.bridge-house.co.uk/ to celebrate Ben & Nicola's wedding day.

Nicola looked stunning as she was escorted down the isle by her father (also looking dapper fully kilted up). Ben showed little nerves as the ceremony went without a hitch.

The group shots  were taken in the garden with the rain keeping off until we had finished. Then we diced to take Ben & Nicola for a drive out into the countryside for a few quiet images. by this time the rain had started trying to drill holes in my car until suddenly stopping and producing an almost perfect rainbow. so suddenly we piled out of the car and hopped into the nearest field where we managed to capture the couple with rainbow in situ, proving its about being in the right place at the right time. its also Damn good fun too.

After making it back in one piece the happy couple sat down to the wedding breakfast which was followed by the speeches and drinks. At this point I must mention the cupcakes that were being handed around, these delicious goodies were especially made by the family members and will stay in our memory for quite a while, lets call them Art cakes (fourth to last picture below).

It was a pleasure capturing the day for Ben and Nicola and we wish them all the best with their future.

Seb X

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