Saturday, 14 March 2015

Lizzie & Joe's Wedding

Spring is on its way at the Italian Villa.

After photographing Lizzie & Joe a few weeks earlier we were looking forward to meeting up with them again and to photographing their big day.

And what a wonderful wedding it was. Dave & I met up with the girls at Lizzie's parents where we both photographed Lizzie & her bridesmaids getting ready, I shortly then legged it over to the church to photograph the guests arriving, and also to have a chinwag with the vicar ( Nice friendly sort who bent over backwards to ensure the lighting was right)... Top notch  father, we love friendly vicars :)

Lizzie and the girls arrived in style in a classic vintage car then into the church for the ceremony.

Lizzie looked stunning (as did the bridesmaids) Joe managed to hold back the tears and keep a cool head throughout.

The service was really lovely with some excellent improvisation on the piano which was jaw droppingly talented.

Confetti shots followed and a cheeky nip of whiskey gratis of the chauffeur then off to the Italian Villa 

The couple were greeted to a champagne reception followed by group shots and a quiet walk round the gardens.

Dave and I really love shooting at this time of year as the sun is low and the colours are beautiful. the flowers are just emerging and have that great desaturated look to them. 

While the wedding breakfast took place Dave and I managed to get a few yoga moves in, up dog.. down dog... keeping us supple for the speeches which were warm and heartfelt.

Our day ended with Lizzie & Joe's first dance and we were spent.

We wish Lizzie & Joe all the best in their married life and we hope to stay in touch.

Meanwhile here's a few images from the day


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