Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Circus of Horrors Tour 2016

Circus of Horrors

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of photographing the amazing Circus of Horrors show which landed at Bournemouth's pavilion theatre.

It's the 3rd time I've seen the show and second time photographing it, and it totally didn't disappoint.

A packed out crowd of all ages gathered to witness the new show lead by the man himself Dr Haze and his incredibly talented colleagues.

A new addition to the show made it even more awesome notably Harley Fox who's strip hula hoop show was beyond awesome.

As  always with the Circus of Horrors there's loads of blood, fire, smoke shitloads of weirdness and of course lots of live music, always leaving the audience wanting more.

I could rant on all night about how good this show is but its best for you to makeup your own minds up by catching them  at a venue listed on their site.

So for now Ill leave you with some highlights from the Pavilion show.


I have to mention that if the clowns don't shit you up you need medication.



Monday, 9 November 2015

My Trip To Cuba 2015

Havana To Matanzas 2015
I could go on for days and days and days and days...(you get the picture).. about how incredible Cuba is and I have only just touched the surface.
We spent 10 days travelling from Havana to Matanzas down backstreets through dark alleyways countryside and beaches with every twist and turn being something different.
 In just a short space of time I managed to experience a truly beautiful country and some of the kindest and sincerest people who have been my fortune to meet.
 It would be a tad self indulgent for me to keep reiterating how special this place is so Ill show you in photos.