Sunday, 29 December 2013

Another year done.

Another year on the horizon

So that's it, the shortest day has passed and another year is nearly over. was 2013 unlucky for some?
Hmm.. floods Earthquakes and strong winds may have given 2013 the feeling of impending doom but there have been a few positives on the horizon.

For a start we have had Amazing waves here in Dorset and water temp is currently peaking at 10 degrees so happy days here.

In all seriousness its been up and down. I think the common thought that 2013 was unlucky for couples to tie the knot has more than a ring of truth about it, although there are local wedding businesses that have claimed to have had a busy year.

We have however photographed some fabulous couples this year and made some great new friends. We have also started to photograph some great festivals and concerts which should get busier for the 2014 season.

so a big thank you to all of those who booked us and worked with us this year, we LOVE what we do and look forward to making new friends and clients.

fingers crossed to a productive 2014

Here are a few images from this year .

Seb X

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Imagine Dragons BIC

 Imagine Dragons

 So Last week I headed down the local venue to indulge in a bit of Imagine Dragons (for

Its the first time I had seen these guys live, The gig was a sell out and the band played an epic show.

Follow the safeconcerts link below for the full set of images.

meanwhile here's a few composites

Seb X

Monday, 16 December 2013

Status Quo live and loud

Rockin all over Bournemouth

So Christmas is upon us and its the time of year when we get some great acts visiting our Dorset coast.

Today its the turn of the mighty Quo. I grew up listening to these guys, in fact Quo and Maiden are the reason I became a musician and been obsessed with music ever since.

I was sceptical at how these guys would pull it of live, just because they have been at it for so many years my initial thoughts were are they still up to the job..........And God damn it they were bloody awesome!!!!

with a sleek clean stage show and 100% high energy I question anyone who would think other wise.

From my point of view, having no monitors in front of the camera was amazing and also the fact that they let us shoot 4 songs instead of the standard 3 proves the Quo are just as professional now as they have ever been, top notch I say.

Here's a link to my images on

And here's a few composite images.

Seb X