Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Wedding Images

Wedding Images by Lewisandschofield.co.uk

OK so Its this time of year we generally term as the slow season. This means concentrating on advertising, meeting clients and generally getting ready for next year.

So I thought we would start putting up a few of our recent wedding images on the blog over the next month.

Info about us and our photography can be found here www.lewisandschofield.co.uk

Feel free to contact us at any time

Seb X


Monday, 25 November 2013

Kitty Daisy & Lewis BIC

Kitty Daisy & Lewis

I managed to bag a few shots from Kitty Daisy & Lewis http://kittydaisyandlewis.com/ at the Bic the other night.
Anyone getting chance to see these guys live, DO IT.  Multi talented and a refreshing addition to modern music.

Really tricky lighting, hence the B&W edits but worth posting.

Seb X

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stereophonics BIC Nov 2013


I was well stoked to get to photograph The Stereophonics the other night for www.safeconcerts.com.

The last time I saw these guys was more years ago than I care to remember, In fact I'm pretty sure I paid under £1 to see them in Sheffield in the mid 90s. so it was great to see their new show at the BIC.

I have to mention that their crew and security were really friendly and It was also great to hook up with one of their truck drivers who was taking a few shots in the pit. (cheers for the coffee dude).

An awesome show to a packed out venue. A bit of a nightmare to photograph due to lots of back lighting and what I like to call The Red Light of DOOM.but a great night.

here's a few composites

Seb X

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Wytches / Future of the Left Nov 2013

The Wytches/Future of the Left

Its been quite a while since I have photographed a real low light gig, and also be able to use a bit of bounce flash in the process.
It was great to catch The Wytches http://www.thewytches.com/ and Future of the Left http://futureoftheleft.net/ on the final leg of their tour in Bournemouth the other night.

Both excellent acts with totally unique sounds (check their sites for more info).

A few shots below

Seb X

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Chase & Status/Moko/Netski/Pusha T BIC


Chase & Status/Moko/Netski/Pusha T BIC 

Another great night at Bournemouth's BIC to photograph Chase and status for www.safeconcerts.com
A totally huge crowd came together to catch the 4 acts kicking off with Moko, who I have to say was awesome. This is the first time I have photographed Chaise & Status, and I was warned before hand that the light was real bad to photograph in, and blimey they weren't kidding. talk about pushing your ISO to its limits. I thought my camera was going to keel over, Dark foregrounds with red and green (in your face) led lights coming at you like a starving Buzzard really doesn't help.

saying that, the silhouettes were pretty cool and the support bands were lit slightly better. but it was still an ace night with all 4 acts nailing it to the wall.

Seb X

Friday, 15 November 2013

Gabrielle Aplin BIC



Gabrielle Aplin


So I headed down to the 02 the other night to cover Gabriell Aplin for  http://www.safeconcerts.com/
A great gig to a pretty big crowd supported by Jack Williams and Meadowlark, not the best of lighting conditions but I managed to get a few nice images.
Here's a few for now
Seb X

Monday, 4 November 2013




well the first real swell of the winter season seems to have finally arrived down here at Bournemouth. The crappy winds and hideous weather has left us with a perfect super glassy shoulder high wave which has super stoked those lucky enough to wag the day off work.
Myself, well man flu has taken over my week which has put a bar on paddling out back  so instead decided to photograph the local boys having a few well chosen slides.
gutted I didn't make the slide but photography is the next best thing
Here's a few from this morning
Seb x