Thursday, 27 June 2013

Suppliers Evening

Suppliers Evening

Well last night we attended our first Wedding Suppliers meeting at the Grasshopper pub in Parkstone

After rushing down from a client meeting in Christchurch we arrived at the pub. Dave and I drawing lots on who would enter first. I have the edge over Dave on the cowardice front so Dave jumped on the grenade and lead the way.

 ( To those who have never attended a suppliers meeting) I suggest locking horns with someone or something in common, For me the compelling site of a small box of mini eggs is just the ticket to start a conversation... unfortunately the box was empty. So as the disappointment subsided and my bottom lip returned to normal, the ice suddenly broke with Jason from welcoming us to the group.

I must admit I have never been one for attending group evenings as I'm a fairly shy person but after being introduced to the smashing girls who run and their total (Down to earth ...say it how it is attitude) I felt we were in the company of like minded people.

The nice thing about evening was recognising suppliers we have worked with at previous weddings which include the lovely Sally Malcolm

As the night drew in we met loads of great people, who I'm sure I bored to death with my massive interest in glass collecting and the evolution of the English bottle (Dave had dissipated by this time).  But no one wondered off which I'm hoping was a good sign.

So here's a quick mention to a couple of new friends,  Tracy Carroll (she also has curly hair like myself which gets the thumbs up from me any day).

And Emma Bowden (who I'm convinced we have worked with before) and hopefully will again soon.

A great night and wonderful company, we will definitely see you all again at the next evening. Meanwhile here's a  nice summery picture of a cow 

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