Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Its a bit windy down south


So the winters here

As if someone had turned on a light, the great British warm spell has gone. So lighten up, bang the clocks back, stick some chestnuts on the fire and embrace the wet weather for winter has arrived.
Can we really be positive about the British weather?
Sure we can. As a photographer, the light at this time of year is awesome. Low light and great colours - in my opinion you can't beat it.
Also, as a keen surfer, this is the time of year we longingly wait for: the cold winters days and long range forecasts pushing the swell up the channel, wondering if its powerful enough to generate good sized waves on our beautiful coastline.
and of course roasted chestnut's ... they are just terrific.
anyway here are a few images of the week
Seb X

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