Thursday, 15 May 2014

Becky & Ben's Pre Shoot

Late afternoon at Studland 

So yesterday afternoon Dave and I headed down to our local beach to photograph Becky and Ben a few weeks before their big day.

A beautiful evening with the sun hanging low in the sky giving us that summer feel and the waves gently lapping the shore .. Studland is a magical place.

Becky & Ben were on top form as we wondered through the sand dunes battling the odd mosquito to get some great shots as the light drifted in and out of the clouds. 

I kept with the 70-200mm and bagged the close shots as Dave went with the wide angle. (The beauty of shooting together means you have 2 differing angles) and of course its loads more fun.

We quickly found out how agile Ben is as he has this awesome knack of standing on his head, A true natural in front of the camera which is what we like best.

We shot for around the best part of two hours and bagged some lovely images. Becky & Ben were brilliant and we are really looking forward to their wedding at the magical Lulworth castle in a few weeks. we know its going to be fun.

So ill stop waffling on for now and leave you with a few shots from the evening

Seb X

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