Friday, 26 July 2013



Well its been a while since I last posted anything on here so I have spent the day thinking what do I really enjoy, What really makes me smile, What really gives me goosebumps and leaves me in a state of euphoria , well it could be surfing, biking, playing drums, being lucky enough to have a job that lets me be part of and record peoples special day. Of course I truly love all these things but what I really love is Concert photography.

 I'm pretty sure it all stems from when I saw Iron Maiden in 1986 at Sheffield city hall which in turn led to me spending the last 25 years playing drums and spending most of my time attending hundreds if not thousands of gigs around the UK and Europe. But its only recently that I have been able to get the opportunity to record such events photographically. 

I have to admit it has to be one of the most difficult  and sometimes annoying things to get into mainly as getting press passes are non existent especially if you don't work for a music mag but when you manage to finally photograph a band / artist you really like its damn awesome.

I think being a wedding photographer helps as we are used to shooting in difficult and tricky lighting situations and being able to pull the ISO past 2500 on the new 5Dmk3 without major noise issues really makes a massive difference.

Well I wont ramble on, Here's a few shots from last year/ this year I really like  With a bit of luck  I might get to shoot some more shortly. 

Seb x

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