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First photography job for

OK, so anyone knowing me or has read our blog will know that other than shooting weddings for a living I have a massive interest and love for Concert photography, in fact anything that involves music, stage lighting, crowds and utter chaos ..if I can get the gig I'll be there.

Luckily, by chance, I was asked to shoot Boomtown Festival for a great music photography and ticket sales company called who take a lot of pride in getting their images right, so I was more than grateful when this opportunity came up.

This is really the first big event I have ever photographed and I must admit I found it much the same as shooting a long wedding - constant lighting changes, having to be in different places at the same time and the hundreds of people asking to have their images taken. I indeed felt quite at home with it.

The venue itself is Mahooossive. It's set within the valley of Winchesters Matterly bowl, which for some could pose a problem from getting from one place to another in a hurry ..but if you like hills and lots of walking its great fun. You could however take the Magic carpet (if you're a lazy

Boomtown as the name suggests is a fictional town that appears for 4 days a year (a bit like Brigadoon) and the effort that goes into dressing the place is incredible. The bizarre, wonderful, strange and downright outrageous can be found lurking in the darkest corners of towns different areas and to be honest is a photographers paradise.

Although quite overwhelming, if you plan your weekend well and don't end up pissed face down in an ants nest (Yes I did see this happen), then you should be able to get to most of the acts around the site with no problem.

The site has many stages but what stood out for me was the Lions Den stage. Whether you are into Reggae or not this place was awesome, straight out of some weird Aztec dwelling. This place looks like it has been here for thousands of years, it's bloody incredible.

The site has an amazing amount of music to suit everyone.. except I didn't see any folk (not my bag) but I did however see a weird chap wearing a hat made of porridge.

Over the weekend I managed to cover a fair amount which can be viewed here

But here's a few shots for my blog you may like to see.

An awesome weekend with my cameras and live music, cant wait for the next one guys.

Seb X

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