Friday, 30 August 2013

Bournemouth Airshow Day 1

Thursday afternoon down the beach

Well its that time of year again, The invaders have landed. 4 days of no parking no cycling and a mile long queue for the chippie

Yes folks this years Bournemouth Air Show has arrived witha Bang.

Although the crowd and parking hassle will upset most locals, I personally love the Air show weekend. To be honest we live in such a fantastic place, 4 days out of our lives is a drop in the ocean to what we get all year round. So I say embrace the weekend get out your deckchair and watch some top class pilots shaking their Thang.

Im not going to waffle on with this post, but Thursdays Red Arrows show was the best I have seen yet, Incredible skills and a joy to watch.. get on down there this weekend and see for yourselves. meanwhile here are a few quick shots from the afternoon.

Seb x

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