Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Johnny & Elizabeth's Wedding


A day at Chettle house

So its nearing the end of our wedding season for another year, and the rain and wind managed to keep away for the wedding of Johnny and Elizabeth at the ultra-stunning location of Chettle House just on the outskirts of Blandford, Dorset http://www.chettlehouse.co.uk/
A lovely group of people who didn’t mind having their photograph taken made for an excellent wedding day
As most people who work in the wedding photography business know, certain things can pop up and change the course of plans for the day, today’s challenge being the church and ceremony shots.
Now its pretty rare that this happens but its always a good plan to be ready for if or when the vicar decides not to let you take photographs in his church.
Today was such a day,
So what do you do?
Be nice stay positive and reason with him. And after some reluctance we were allowed to shoot from the back of the church. This is not the ideal place but with experience you can get some great long shots and still document the ceremony from a distance.
So then we headed off to Chettle house for the reception.
The one thing the house has that immediately struck us was the fabulous gallery in the main hall which was crying out for us to use for the group shot.
So after a relatively painless 10mins of corralling the guests upstairs and several flash heads strategically placed around the hall, we finally got the group shot of around 40 family and guests.
A short time later we met the owner of the house, (who I have to say was a really nice lady and had no problems with Dave and I sprawling our camera gear around the hall) it dawned on us that the gallery can only hold up to 8 people (GULP)...smile, and look innocent... then smugly think... we got the shot. Happy days. (I think the owner saw the lighter side of it).
As a special surprise to Elizabeth Johnny had brought their dog to the reception which made for an emotional bond between the 3 and of course another photo opportunity for us.
The speeches were carried out under military precision by the father of the bride and the best man, with a bottle of WORM Tequila taking the limelight.. No one daring to give it a go.
Then the first dance sealing an end to another damn fine wedding. 
Here’s to the bride & Groom
Seb & Dave

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