Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Elinor & Alastair's Wedding

Rain...Bring it on

After spending the last week following the BBC weather channel we finally reside ourselves to the fact that today's wedding could be a damp one. This of course was no problem for Elinor & Alastair.

From the off it was clear that rain or shine this was going to be a great day.
I covered the girls while Dave met the guys at the church.

The morning went smoothly with Elinor being incredibly organised  (hiding her beautiful wedding dress away from prying eyes until the last minute)good skills.

The wedding ceremony was fabulous with both Elinor & Alistair looking amazing in their dapper gear.

The ceremony was followed with Dave and I photographing the couple on the Church's spiral staircase, (apparently never been done before) probably due to health & Safety .. but we were in the company of Alastair and his colleagues (Paras) and myself an ex firefighter so I was confident we had it covered. 

Next we were off to the Hamble to photograph the couple by the quay and personally I think the rain helped as the couple looked awesome with the umbrella and Elinor in her super cool bridal wellies.

We arrived at the reception and the couple were greeted by the guests and  had a well deserved break. The speeches were great, full of humour and emotion. we were also treated to several embarrassing photos of Alastair's younger days,  (the soldiers outfit was a particular favourite).

The first dance was followed by more dancing and of course the evening buffet ( the bacon rolls were great).
It was a pleasure to photograph Elinor & Alastair and we both wish you well with your future.

Meanwhile here are a few shots of the day

Seb & Dave X


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